synclavier fm

EXS24 and KONTAKT 3.5+
16bit, 44.1kHz
64 instruments, 7.2 gigabytes

Created on a Synclavier 9600 with 32 stereo FM.
Recorded with a Kyma Capybara 320.
Download includes package of 52 high resolution Synclavier images.


What makes this library unique and interesting is the combining of a few different modes of thinking. Retro Rolls Royce 8bit sonic quality, together with skillful programming maximizing the full potential of a vintage instrument, combined with modern ease of use and polyphony.

The Synclavier was the absolute top Synthesizers icon of the 80s and 90s. The “Bentley Bling” of the Reagan / Tatcher era. With a build approach of, only the best no matter what the cost, you’re bound to create an interesting machine, sure to stand the test of time in sonic quality.

8Bit Stereo sound cards, and lots of them, 32 stereo voices in total! All summed up internally into an analog summing bus! That’s like having 32 individual digital mono synths (actually stereo in this case), all linked up in an analog signal path! This is far from your average DX7! Pitch is controlled by varying the sample clock speed of each individual card, instead of software interpolations as in todays samplers. This means you end up with 32 growling 8 bit voices, each its own animal, all delivered with warmth, depth and character from the class A analog summing bus!

The EXS24 Synclavier FM library, is a unique set of 64 patches made with the Synclavier. All done with the intent of being sampled. Thus no need to think about economy of resources within the Synclavier programming environment. If it sounds better maxing out the polyphony or memory, so be it! One note at a time is enough since the EXS24 playback will have close to endless polyphony. Each sound patch from the Synclavier has been sampled full range. That means some sounds has unique samples 30 seconds or longer on every single key! Some of the sounds even has up to three velocity layers as well.

All samples were recorded using class A signal path. Neve preamp, Empirical Labs EL7 tape compression, recorded Kyma Capybara 320 converters.

The style of patches were done with the idea of creating a select few really really good sounding patches. Instruments that actually captures the way the Synclavier FM really sounds. 64 instruments over a 7.2 gig library! Every single instrument has been carefully crafted to sound as good as possible. Be as playable as possible. Retro, 8-bit, yet organic, rich and alive. These are sounds are of the kind that you will find yourself reaching for again and again, because they are made for composers, and not a “one key blow your head off NAMM demo sound”

Perfect for film composers, ambient music, electronica.

The synthesis technique combines FM / Resynthesis / Additive synthesis. All painstakingly programmed using the, the cumbersome (by todays standards) mainframe operating system of the Synclavier 9600

Tobias Enhus


“What an amazing collection! Beautiful and pristine. We can’t wait to work on another movie with this library, and we’ll definitely be using it on our next album.”

Scott Kirkland
The Crystal Method

“Tobias Enhus’ new Synclavier Library for EXS24 sounds amazing! It contains 64 unique sounds from an incredible sound designer that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s light on the cpu, but heavy on the sonic depth. Lots of the pads/drones last over 30 seconds which really helps create ambiences that evolve beautifully over time! Bring the unique timbres of the Rolls-Royce of synths to your arsenal today!”

Darrell Díaz
(Herbie Hancock, Dancing with the Stars, DMX, Maxwell, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, George Duke, Stanley Clarke)

“I know the era of these sounds quite well. I actually own and use a few pieces of gear that generate various FM synthesis sounds but unfortunately the they sound a bit too “rough”. These sounds are pretty terrific! I cant wait to utilize this library on my next record.”

Jason Lytle

“Tobias Enhus has created the ‘Swiss knife’ or ‘rolls royce’ of FM sample libraries from the Synclavier. By meticulously multi sampling each patch Enhus has been able to get the meat and grit of 8 bit FM coming at you in all of it’s raw and organic splendor. No short cuts here. I can just feel that this library will be making it’s way into many of my scores.”

Mark Kilian
Film composer
Traitor, Rendition


Tobias Enhus – ‘The Future of 1985′

Audio and video from the man himself, Tobias Enhus.

Thor Laewe - Rebirth

Secret Room Music, Inc.

Synclavier FM Presets

Unprocessed demo of assorted Synclavier FM instruments.

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